7/8/2021 Mountain Song and Story Episode #105 - The Birthplace of Country Music
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7/8/2021 Mountain Song and Story Episode #105

Episode #105 “Grandfather Mountain Highland Games”

 On last week’s program, we talked about Scottish dancing, music, and history with my guest Jennifer Licko, and today I’ve got some more Scottish History lined up! Today I’m talking with Stephen Quillin, current President of the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games. He’ll be joining me to talk more about this annual event. Scottish highland games are celebrated in many countries across the globe, not just in Europe but also right here in Appalachia. They act as a way to connect people to their roots and are a celebration of Scottish and Celtic culture, especially that of the Scottish Highlands. Tune in for a great conversation, music and more!

Today’s Playlist

The Oak Table – EJ Jones
Deep Salt Sea – Emerald Rae
The Generator – Will MacMorran
Hello Stranger – The Carter Family

Intro and theme music Omie Wise (feat. Kalia Yeagle) by Hasee Ciaccio
Background instrumental music by Brittany Haas, Produced by Darol Anger. All traditional old-time tunes. 2004.

Resources and Additional Materials

Special thanks to Stephen Quillin
Grandfather Mountain Highland Games