7/1/2021 Mountain Song and Story Episode #104 - The Birthplace of Country Music
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7/1/2021 Mountain Song and Story Episode #104


Episode #104 “Scottish History with Special Guest Jennifer Licko”



On today’s episode of Mountain Song and Story, I’ll be talking with my guest Jennifer Licko. Jennifer is a former Scottish Highland dancer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who plays the piano, guitar, and bodhrán (Irish drum), and an educator. After living almost a decade in Scotland and Ireland, Jennifer realized the strong similarities between Scotland and North Carolina and her music began to branch out into a genre which honors those connections. Today I’ll be speaking with her to talk about the music and dance connections and more between Appalachia and Scotland.

Today’s Playlist

Puirt a beul (Mouth Music) – Jennifer Licko
The Farmer’s Curst Wife – Pete Seeger
He Na Milibhig – Jennifer Licko
We Are Your Home – Jennifer Licko
Barbara Allen – The Everly Brothers

Intro and theme music Omie Wise (feat. Kalia Yeagle) by Hasee Ciaccio
Background instrumental music by Brittany Haas, Produced by Darol Anger. All traditional old-time tunes. 2004.

Resources and Additional Materials

Special Thanks to Jennifer Licko
Scotland In The Class
Visit Scotland
Jennifer Licko
Highland Echoes