9/2/2021 - Mountain Song & Story Ep. #112 - The Birthplace of Country Music
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9/2/2021 – Mountain Song & Story Ep. #112

Episode #112 “Young Appalachian Story Summit”

Th upcoming Young Appalachian Story Summit is scheduled for September 12th, 2021 at the International Storytelling Center. The Summit is a young adult-led event that focuses on a critical issue: how young adults can use storytelling as a leadership tool to create Appalachia’s future. Today I’ll be talking with Stella Childress and Lynnes Salinas from the ISC to learn more about this important event.

Today’s Playlist

Firewater – Amythyst Kiah​​​
 The Last Thing On My Mind – Tom Paxton
Growing Pains – Mike And The Moonpies
Pretty Fair Maid In The Garden – Tim O’Brien
Do I Ever Cross Your Mind – Red Molly
Grey Owl & Victor’s No. 39 – Bruce Molsky

Intro and theme music Omie Wise (feat. Kalia Yeagle) by Hasee Ciaccio
Background instrumental music by Brittany Haas, Produced by Darol Anger. All traditional old-time tunes. 2004.

Resources and Additional Materials

International Storytelling Center

Special thanks to Stella Childress, Lynnea Salina, and the International Storytelling Center