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Lights! Camera! Wynonna!

Cool Bristol Rhythm ’19 Playlist included!

Every year we try to come up with new and exciting ways to announce the lineup for Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion. We always throw a big press conference, and look forward to sharing the news with the world. This year we produced a fun video listing the top headliners, and got several of our staff members and volunteers involved.

Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion 2019 Lineup Announcement Video. Share!

We worked with the amazing team at Loch & Key Productions to produce the video. They are a top-notch crew based in Knoxville, and they work with a number of other great festivals like Bonnaroo and Forecastle. We have had the pleasure of working with them for several years at Bristol Rhythm, and they always come up with creative and fun ideas. Shooting in local hair salons was their concept, and we totally went for it!

(L) Shooting the first scene. “Wynonna” enters salon. With a guitar. Maybe she’s thinking of an impromptu sing along? (R) Marty (Paige Cook) and Wynonna ready to duet.

Call time for our first scene came early – 6:45 a.m. We met up at Salon Remington in Historic Downtown Bristol where owner Lelia Matney and her glam squad graciously moved appointments so we shoot in her shop. This was where our make-believe Wynonna would be getting her hair done. Several scenes were shot in this location and much of our staff got into the act!

There is but a fabulous few so inherently iconic that they are instantly recognized by a single name. In country music, that list is short and sweet: Dolly, Reba, and Wynonna. Body positive before it was cool, Wynonna has always impressed me as a strong and triumphant spirit. I was stoked to get to trot around Bristol in a long, red wig (the color of my own red hair isn’t as brilliant) and pretend!

(Top L) This day we learned our Executive Director Leah Ross has had some experience as a shampoo girl! She used to work in her sister’s salon! (Top R) Our Graphic Designer Hannah Holmes ended up needing a shampoo after this scene. So. Much. Hair Spray! (Bottom L) Erika Barker, our Sales & Business Development Manager, and Terry Napier, 2019 Bristol Rhythm Festival Chair. He refused to let her trim the beard. (Bottom R) Toni Doman is our grant writer and also does a shift on Radio Bristol; Tracey Childress is our “Director of First Impressions.” They are totally method acting here.

After leaving Salon Remington, a few scenes were shot at various locations downtown. It was meant to look like Wynonna and our pretend Marty Stuart were strolling around on their way to get haircuts. We didn’t necessarily stop traffic, but we did get a few odd looks from curious folks. Even in costume we weren’t allowed to reveal our fictional identities for fear that it would ruin the announcement!

(Top) Our “extras” included our Music Committee Chairman Brent Treash. (Bottom) Scotty Almany was our St. Paul stand-in.

After lunch we moved production to Rockin’ Ruby Salon, where owners Misti Maples and Tonya Galloway rolled out the red carpet for the crew. The interior of this salon is so cool and retro, just the type of place where we envision Marty getting his hair did.

I cast my friend Paige Duncan in the role as Marty because she naturally has some beautiful silver streaks in her hair. However, we ended up using a wig in the off-chance we’d need to shoot extra scenes when she wasn’t going to be available. At the end of the day, we had a great time and made a fun video of which we are all proud.

Thank you to our friends at Salon Remington and Rockin’ Ruby for letting us shoot in their awesome businesses! We hope the next time you’re in need of a new “do” you’ll check them out!

Can’t wait for the festival? Check out our fun Bristol Rhythm 2019 Spotify playlist in the mean time! And feel free to share with friends!

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