Scouts at the Museum! - The Birthplace of Country Music
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Scouts at the Museum!

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The Birthplace of Country Music Museum has been visited by two Scout troops over the past week. We had a great time on the evening of February 7 with American Heritage Troop TN5624. These girls are working towards a Music Appreciation Badge and decided to come to the museum to research and fulfill some requirements. They were a really smart and fun group who stayed engaged with the museum throughout their visit, including a game of BANJO BINGO and a history of listening formats lesson. It was an excellent experience for us, and we loved seeing them learning and making the most of the museum!

Then on Saturday, February 11, the annual Klondike Derby was in downtown Bristol, and one of the Boy Scout patrols created a country music-themed sled — speed racers with a taste for country music! Even cooler, the boys dedicated their stellar feat of engineering to the Birthplace of Country Music Museum, decking it out with a guitar and music notes!

We are thrilled to see the museum providing such inspiration for our local youth community! Well done, Scouts!

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