3/24/2022 Mountain Song & Story Ep. #125 - The Birthplace of Country Music
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3/24/2022 Mountain Song & Story Ep. #125

Episode #125 “Audio Stories from the Archives of Appalachia”

Once a month on Mountain Song & Story I’ll be featuring some archival audio from the Archives of Appalachia from The Joseph Hall Collection. This collection focuses primarily on Hall’s research of language and folklore of the people living in the Great Smoky Mountains. Tune in on today’s program for another installment of a variety of short stories including folktales, haunted places, wolf stories, more.

Today’s Playlist

My Tennessee Mountain Home – Dolly Parton
You Shall Be Free – Bill & Belle Reed
I’ve Endured – Ola Belle Reed
Hard Times – Gillian Welch

Intro and theme music Omie Wise (feat. Kalia Yeagle) by Hasee Ciaccio
Background instrumental music by Brittany Haas, Produced by Darol Anger. All traditional old-time tunes. 2004.

Resources and Additional Materials

ETSU’s Archives of Appalachia
Joseph Sargent Hall Collection, Archives of Appalachia, East Tennessee State University