10/21/2021 - Mountain Song & Story Ep. #115 - The Birthplace of Country Music
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10/21/2021 – Mountain Song & Story Ep. #115

Episode #115 “Halloween Stories – Part One”

I’ve got a fantastic episode ready to go for you with it being October WHICH MEANS Halloween is right around the corner! Today on Mountain Song and Story is part one of two shows devoted entirely to spooky Halloween stories, music and more. Today’s program will feature a tale about “The Smith and The Devil” which some researched have traced the origins of the story dating back to over 6,000 years ago (wow). Along with spooky tunes and tales, I’ll also be featuring a story called “Banshee” by OT Watts – thank you so much for sending in your story. I’ll also have audio from a haint tale from ETSU’s Archives of Appalachia as part of today’s program.

Today’s Playlist

Take the Devil Out of Me – George Jones
Me and the Devil Blues – Robert Johnson
Old Lady and the Devil – The Tillers
 The Owl And I – Hank Snow
Night Owl – James Taylor
Nice To Be Here – The Moody Blues
Katy Dear – The Louvin Brothers

Intro and theme music Omie Wise (feat. Kalia Yeagle) by Hasee Ciaccio
Background instrumental music by Brittany Haas, Produced by Darol Anger. All traditional old-time tunes. 2004.

Resources and Additional Materials

Ghosts, Haunts, Witches, and Boogers – Historic Recordings East Tennessee State University, Archives of Appalachia
Fairy Tale Origins Thousands of Years Old
The Smith and The Devil
Special Thanks to OT Watts for his story and reading of “Banshee”