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What’s Cookin’ with Chef T, The Pakalachian March 12

Katlin and Mohsin Kazmi of The Pakalachian and Chef T of Union 41.

BRISTOL, Tenn.-Va.. (March 5, 2024) – The Birthplace of Country Music Museum is thrilled to announce its upcoming Speaker Sessions event on Tuesday, March 12, 7 p.m. ET, featuring renowned regional chefs Katlin and Mohsin Kazmi of The Pakalachian and Torrece “Chef T” Gregoire of Union 41 in Bristol.

“Chef T and the Kazmi’s offer unique perspectives on creating connections between different food traditions, and their culinary talents showcase the diversity and richness inspired by Appalachian foodways,” said museum Head Curator Dr. Rene Rodgers. “Each of them apply sustainable, farm-to-table practices in their businesses, which is something we should all learn more about.”

Chef T, owner and executive chef at Union 41, shares her journey from her grandmother’s kitchen in St. Vincent and the Grenadines to becoming a celebrated figure in the culinary world. Known for her appearances on Hell’s Kitchen and the Food Network’s Big Restaurant Bet Contestant, Chef T has also written a best-selling book, Paradigm: A Macro Manifesto of Food, which reflects her passion for food as a celebration of life.

Katlin Wohlford Kazmi, executive director of the Region VII Virtual Academy and co-owner of The Pakalachian food truck, brings a wealth of experience in education and entrepreneurship to the discussion. Alongside her is Mohsim Kazmi, an accomplished entrepreneur, conservation photographer, and co-owner of The Pakalachian, has made significant contributions to environmental conservation efforts in Peru.

The event promises an insightful exploration into the fusion of diverse culinary traditions with the rich Appalachian food culture, offering attendees a view into the vibrant culinary landscape of the region. From the delectable offerings of The Pakalachian to the culinary innovation of Chef T, participants will delve into the stories behind these wonderful culinary ventures.

There is no cost to attend monthly Speaker Sessions at the museum, and those who cannot be present in person may view online via WBCM Radio Bristol’s YouTube channel. For more information about the Speaker Series and other events, visit the Events page at BirthplaceOfCountryMusic.org.