Spooky Stories and Terrifying Tales with the 'Haint Mistress' Oct. 4 - The Birthplace of Country Music
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Spooky Stories and Terrifying Tales with the ‘Haint Mistress’ Oct. 4

Photo of Donnamarie Emmert in a graveyard.

Bristol, Va.-Tenn. (Sept. 27, 2022) – Foggy mornings…crisp mountain air…leaves tinging with red and gold…’tis the season of pumpkin patches, corn mazes and campfires – the perfect time for Spooky Stories and Terrifying Tales with the Haint Mistress of Abingdon, Donnamarie Emmert, at the Birthplace of Country Music Museum. This kick-off to the Halloween season takes place Oct. 4 at 7 p.m. EDT and is free and open to the public.

“Donnamarie Emmert’s ghost walk tours in Abingdon have been a longstanding autumn tradition in our region,” said museum Head Curator Dr. René Rodgers. “We look forward to hosting the ‘Haint Mistress’ in Bristol for this family-friendly event.”

Emmert will share local and regional tales of goosebump-raising ghosts and witches, horrifying historical happenings, and more – the perfect way to get into the spirit of Halloween. Emmert’s stories are family-friendly; parents with younger children who may be sensitive to tales of the paranormal should use their own discretion.

Don your flannel and RSVP to join us in person for Spooky Stories and Terrifying Tales with the Haint Mistress of Abingdon at the museum. Those who wish to huddle ’round your screens in a candlelit room from home may register to join us online. Visit the Events page at BirthplaceOfCountryMusic.org for more information and to RSVP or register.

About Donnamarie Emmert

Donnamarie Emmert has a Masters Degree in Storytelling and an outrageous love for things that go bump in the night and Halloween. She also has a ferocious attraction to history and uses her knowledge and experience to create memorable entertainment for her audiences.