Ozark Highlands Radio Premieres on Radio Bristol - The Birthplace of Country Music
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Ozark Highlands Radio Premieres on Radio Bristol

Weekly Radio Program Explores Culture, Music

Radio Bristol is excited to add another quality program to its growing schedule. Ozark Highlands Radio, a weekly show recorded at the Ozark Folk Center State Park in Mountain View, Arkansas, has joined Radio Bristol’s weekly programming schedule airing weekly on Sundays at 2:00 p.m. Hosted by musician Dave Smith, Ozark Highlands Radio features archival recordings from native Ozark musicians as well as contemporary roots and old time performers. The program also explores the history, tradition, and current trends in traditional and modern acoustic music.

“Mountain View, Arkansas and Bristol are very similar cities both geographically and musically,” said Daren Dortin, Executive Producer at Ozark Highlands Radio. “Both have rich traditions of music born out of the mountains with ties to early European settlers. The Birthplace of Country Music Museum, like the Ozark Folk Center where Ozark Highlands Radio is recorded and produced, share similar missions not only preserving the cultural traditions of our respective regions but also perpetuating them to current and future generations. All of us here at Ozark Highlands Radio are really proud to have this connection with Bristol and Radio Bristol. We look forward to the prospect of working together more on projects in the future.”

“Carrying Ozark Highlands Radio on Radio Bristol is a welcome addition to our growing catalog of roots programming,” said Kris Truelsen, Radio Bristol producer. “I think listeners will enjoy discovering and drawing connections between the Ozarks and Central Appalachian music and culture. We look forward to the many programming possibilities that lie ahead in working with the Ozark Folk Center and Ozark Highlands Radio!”

Radio Bristol’s daily programming dusts off an array of rare and diverse recordings seldom explored in the soundscape of contemporary radio. From daily shows produced in-house like Over The Waves with Lee Bidgood, Whup The Devil with Roy Andrade, and Farm and Fun Time, to syndicated programming like Sound Sessions from Smithsonian Folkways to WoodSongs Old Time Radio Hour, the station specializes in culturally significant programming that carries on the musical influences of the Appalachian region and beyond. For more information on Radio Bristol and it’s programming, or to listen to the station online, visit ListenRadioBristol.org.


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