"Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison" Film Screening Oct. 20 - The Birthplace of Country Music
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“Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison” Film Screening Oct. 20

Graphic featuring original artwork from film's movie poster that reads "1000 CONVICTS AS DANGEROUS AS DYNAMITE-WITH A KILLER WARDEN WHO LIT THE FUSE!." In the background there is a prison yard scene. Two men appear in the forefront. One appears to be a prisoner yelling at another man in a suit. The man in the suit is holding a chain.

Bristol, Tenn./Va. (Oct. 14, 2022) – The public is invited to a free screening of the film “Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison” at 6:30 p.m. EDT, Oct. 20, at the Birthplace of Country Music Museum. The screening is companion programming to the special exhibit “1968: A Folsom Redemption,” on display now at the museum. Those who wish to participate are asked to RSVP online.

“This is the film that inspired Johnny Cash to write the song ‘Folsom Prison Blues,'” said museum Head Curator Dr. Rene Rodgers. “The screening will be held on the final day of the special exhibit. Attendees are invited to tour the special exhibit prior to the screening for free at 6 p.m.”

“Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison” is an American film noir crime drama starring Steve Cochran and David Brian, set in California’s Folsom Prison during the 1920s prior to the state’s prison reformation in 1944. The feature follows a sadistic prison warden who rules with an iron hand, leading to a revolt by the inmates. Johnny Cash saw the film while serving in the United States Air Force in West Germany upon its release; the feature was the inspiration for his hit song, “Folsom Prison Blues.” Directed by Crane Wilbur for Warner Brothers and released in 1951, the film runs one hour and 27 minutes.

For more information about the screening and to RSVP, visit the Events page at BirthplaceOfCountryMusic.org.